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The Challenge
To deliver a dynamic learning activity that illustrates the value of effective communication, skillful planning, leadership roles, coaching and success through team process with maximum portability and affordability.

The Solution
Global Maze™ is an ultra portable and economical adaptation of Interel's Electric Maze®. Global Maze activities challenge teams to find a successful path, using a unique hand-held detector, without triggering an alarm. Maze activities, tailored for one-hour sessions or all day programs, accelerate the learning of skills essential to team and organizational success.

The Global Maze provides a powerful learning experience, yet requires little physical effort. Its unique design assures that these activities are safe and appropriate at all organizational levels, regardless of age, physical condition or cultural orientation. The versatility, ultra portability and economy of Global Maze now makes it easier than ever to conduct high-impact learning activities tailored to meet diverse developmental goals.

Global Maze Specifications
Heavy Duty 74" by 98" Vinyl Grid with 6" by 8" array of 12" squares and programming pockets. Typical number of participants: 4 to 24. Typical activity area: 12' x 15'. Indoor location. Operation and user manuals provided.

Detector Probes with RF detection
Grid manually programmed with RF tag cards
Rolling Business Case included
Shipping Wt/Dim 20Lbs/ 18" x 16" x 10"