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The Challenge
What activity can help cross-functional groups discover the value of collaboration, improved communication, and shared resources?

The Solution
Pyramid™ engages 8 to 20 participants to simultaneously pick up and reposition objects of varying values. As in business, different organizations under the same umbrella often find their goals to be in conflict. Coordination, communication, shared resources and systems thinking are critical elements to the success of Pyramid activities.

Pyramid, a precision object manipulation device for one or two teams, is a challenging action learning tool that requires cross-functional team performance. It is an excellent assessment tool and an invaluable practice vehicle for improving leadership and team performance. Pyramid requires minimal physical effort yet creates a highly interactive dynamic and can be used in both indoor and outdoor training environments.

Pyramid Specifications
Frame: Pyramid shaped with 4 adjustable, anodized aluminum tube legs.
Dimensions: Max: 10' ht x 12' x 12', Min: 8' ht. x 10' x 10'.
Grabber: Line controlled 12" dia. object manipulation device.
Object Set: Assorted shapes and sizes.
Typical number of participants: 8 to 16.
Typical activity area: 16' x 16', indoor or outdoor location.
Set-up and Operation Manual Provided.

Pyramid Dimensions
Shipping Weight/Dim:
Frame: 21 Lbs/68" x 7" x 9"
Grabber & Object Set: 16 Lbs/16" x 14" x 14"

Download a PDF spec sheet for the Pyramid (Acrobat PDF Reader required).