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The Challenge
Deliver a range of dynamic learning activities that develop effective leadership and team skills with maximum portability and affordability.

The Solution
Navigator™ is a unique orienteering activity that uses Interel's ViewPoint® Technology to challenge participants to use leadership and team skills required in successful organizations. Using special polarizing viewers, teams work to interpret encrypted beacon symbols and guide team members along a series of safe paths. Activity challenge levels can be easily adjusted for specific learning outcomes.

Navigator is effective for both small and large group learning activities. This Action Learning Device provides a stimulating experience for accelerating a range of valuable learning outcomes. The versatility, ultra portability and economy of Navigator makes it an easy and very cost effective way to conduct high-impact learning activities tailored to meet diverse developmental goals.

Navigator Specifications
8 each, 10" x 10" x 3" Location Indicating Beacons
20 each, 6" x 6" polarizing viewers
Two Pathfinders
User manual, facilitator guide, and multiple reproducible handouts/forms
Typical number of participants: 6 to 20
Typical activity area is 20' x 20'
Shipping Wt/Dim: 12 Lbs/14" x 14" x 6"