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The Challenge
How can you best get your organization and cross-functional teams moving in the same direction with the same mission?

The Solution
TeamTrek™ is an innovative portable version of the outdoor activity 'trolleys'. TeamTrek challenges teams to find the most effective means of transporting themselves towards their goal. Planning, communication, teamwork, coordination and many more outcomes are possible with this high energy activity.

TeamTrek, designed for single or multiple groups or teams, captures the excitement and competition of outdoor challenges while safely providing the business related experience of indoor simulations. This popular 'group transport device' provides high impact learning exercises which create dynamic opportunities for dramatizing real-life issues facing leaders and organizations.

TeamTrek Specifications
TT1/10: Two 6" x 15' treads of highly mainured laminated rubber, each with ten 'control straps'.
TT1/2X5: Four 6" x 7-1/2' treads, each with five 'control straps'
Typical Number of Participants: 5 to 10
Typical Activity Area: 30' x 60'
Indoor or Outdoor Location
Set-up and Operaton Manual Provided
Shipping Weight/Dim:
27 Lbs/13" x 13" x 13"

Download a PDF spec sheet for the Team Trek (Acrobat PDF Reader required).